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It may be easy to argue that the media moguls covering this case have been inept in their reporting, but what else is new? This is America and freedom of the press should be valued. It is up to the individual to sort through the mess and hopefully find balanced reporting through multiple avenues (like OMB). Unfortunately, I feel your blatant remarks about white power and the unsupported argument that these charges are concocted because Chuck Turner is black doesn't help make your point, it doesn't help Chuck Turner and it doesn't help race relations in Boston. Stick to the facts, not conjecture, to get your point across or OMB will be no better than the reporting you criticize in the mass media. And by the way I find it harder to believe any of those politicians in Boston are NOT corrupt, regardless of race. I am willing to assume innocence until proving guilty as long as your willing to assume I'm not an idiot that believes everything I read in the media.

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I'm sorry, but I just don't understand the comment by Jay P. The editorial quotes Wilburn--on whom the entire case rests--as saying that there is racial targeting going on... so there is substantiation of that point. Is it enough? Well, given the volume of reporting--here and elsewhere--on the racial dimensions of the economic crisis and other facets of life, I believe so. Nonetheless, Jay's third sentence contains two propositions about the editorial's claims: (1) that the charges are concocted and (2) that Councilor Turner's race is the reason. On the first, Wilburn practically accedes the point by noting that the Councilor is a "victim of circumstance" which I understand to be: he did nothing wrong but they chose to build a case against him. On the second proposition, Wilburn believes that others should have been charged and that the difference between Turner and the others is race.

By the way, if Councilor Turner is guilty of anything, it is that he has routinely seen the best in everyone. In the case of Wilburn, by the FBI's account, Turner advocated for a license without the expectation of even a thank you! There really are some politicians you can believe in!

Nowhere in the editorial do I read anything attacking the right of the media to express itself. All I see is that we ought to talk back to them!

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