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Boss, I have to disagree with you that Chuck's arrest and trial is a prima facie case of institutionalized government racism. You and other Turner supporters argue that white politicians are hardly ever targeted by the FBI or state police officials for corruption. Well, allow me to refresh your memory: Tom Finneran, Salvatore DiMasi, and before him, former Speaker Charlie Flaherty. The current Speaker, Robert DiLeo and Norwood Representative John Rogers also faced charges of ethics violations. I'll add Jim Marzilli of Arlington for kicks and giggles. Not all have been forced to resign or face criminal charges. But in total, there have been many MORE white politicians accused of wrongdoing. Now if you're arguing that the government is 'catching up' by targeting blacks; well, let me think about that one for a while. - Dave Goodman

Come, come now, Mr. Dave ... I never said white politicians weren't targeted. I said they aren't treated the way Turner has been treated. And more white politicians may have been accused of malfeasance in the last decade, but there are far more white politicians than black politicians in Massachusetts. And how many of them are doing jail time exactly? Anyway, I don't have to make much of case that racism is involved with Turner's prosecution beyond pointing out the way he was treated during his arrest. The government has been doing a fine job of making that case itself all along. Things like the way the video footage of his allegedly taking a bribe was released to the media shortly after his arrest spring to mind. Or the fact that they're pursuing what is at most a minor infraction with such verve and at such expense to the public. Not to mention Wilburn's very public accusations of racism by his government handlers.

Whatever it was that Councilor Turner did, he is by far the least corrupt of the elected denizens in Boston City Hall. With the departure of Felix Arroyo Sr., Turner is now the only Councilor I can go to for anything -- to get what should be public information, to get a hearing scheduled, to report on mischief in the City government. And everyone knows, but won't say, that this investigation stopped short of the powerful white politicians who have done much worse. I can't even get an investigation started, at any level, by any agency, on much bigger thefts of fair and honest services of which I have evidence. Corruption is not a matter of isolated acts in the City government; it is a culture. The only one in that building who even cares about the right things is Turner. He's not perfect, by any means; we've had our disagreements; but on a relative scale, the US Attorney and District Court have much bigger fish they should be frying. If they opened a hot line for whistle-blowing -- and followed up -- they'd have their hands full of matters that are really harming the citizenry.

The Councilors' come up short on openness. Chuck Turner has failed to advocate for making available the stenographic machine record of the public meeting of Boston City Council. Budgeted for with public funds the stenographic machine records Councilors' deliberations for public feedback, comment, questions, suggestions. The webcast of the public meeting should be closed captioned for folks with hearing loss.

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