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It's disappointing to see the Question 2 comments sink into one person's generalization about what sustainable population advocacy groups do and do not believe:

"far too many population control groups have agendas that are, shall we say, unkind to people of color the world over. Not to mention their penchant for letting capitalism off the hook for destroying public jobs, housing and education programs in poor countries all over the world through the auspices of the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and other corporate-controlled transnational entities."

First of all, the use of the word "control" conveys some assumptions about their agenda that in many cases is not true.

Second, the assumption about race is another erroneous assumption. For example, the author is trying to lump the New England Coalition for Sustainable Population in with organizations focusing on reducing population in the global south. Yet NECSP does exactly the opposite. They are to be commended for actually acknowledging that population growth in the U.S. is also a problem and they work to move New England toward sustainability.

Third, there are plenty of sustainable population advocacy organizations that do not have racist agendas. To indict them all with one big, sweeping - and I'll say it, uninformed - generalization is irresponsible.

Fourth is the assumption that capitalism is being let off the hook. That is like taking the American Cancer Society to task for ignoring Diabetes. NECSP can't do it all, and they are correct in identifying ONE of the major contributors to our planet's major challenges.

Dave Gardner
Producing the documentary
Hooked on Growth

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